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About the glitterfairy...

Laurie's passion for design and nature led her to create a

full-time business, and for over 25 years she has embellished

faux fruits, veggies, dragonflies, bumblebees, seastars, globes and other shapes with a dusting of glitter, transforming them into much

coveted seasonal decorations. Her collection is vast - ranging from her signature glittered fruit ornaments, cheeky greeting cards, glass ornaments with custom type, and her newest passion, flat sublimated map/destination ornaments, customized for the client.


A former Art Teacher and Graphic Design Director with a

BFA from Syracuse University, Laurie appeared several times

on NBC's The Martha Stewart Show, The Katie Brown Workshop 

and Pet Talk. A teacher at heart, she loves to share her favorite

glitter projects, tips and techniques, and when time permits,

teach glitter workshops.

Laurie's charming country studio is always aflutter with activity

as she and her team of glitterfairies develop and manufacture

new products.

And yes, she knows she always has glitter on her face!

Follow her adventures via her Instagram page.

And check out her new biodegradable glitter collection,

ecoGlimmer Cosmetic Biodegradable Glitter

Instagram: @ecoglimmer

Facebook ecoGlimmer

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